Alfa Romeo Transmission & Transaxle rebuilding

example of gear lightening.  Milano transaxle with 4 lightened gears during assembly
Milano Lightened gears 

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Standard ratio 5sp 115 trans lightened gears
hybrid 4sp and 5sp parts yielding ratios
1st 3.016
2nd 1.838
3rd 1.256
4th 1.00
5th .79
picture is of converted countershaft, 1st 2nd 3rd and fifth cluster after lightening

Standard ratio 5sp 115 trans lightened gears
Standard ratio 5sp 115  trans lightened gears

example of 4sp split case counter shaft and 5sp counter shafts
example of 4sp split case counter shaft and 5sp counter shafts

We specialize in rebuilding transmissions and transaxles, also selling parts not availible to shops and persons who want to build their own trans. The only way to get good syncro crowns is to buy the whole gear from ALFA, usually around $350 per gear, there are no aftermarket suppliers for them either.

Alfa synchro gear      Nice sharp syncro crown teeth but some broken off, fast hard shifts, clutch not fully engaged during shift or speed shift.

Alfa bad synchro      Rounded off teeth and some broken, rounded off is the most common problem, causes that grind sound you here going into second gear, 1st and even 3rd in some cases. the coresponding teeth of the slider are skipping off the tips of the syncro crown, instead of passing by each other to make engagement. New syncros and sliders only go so far if the syncro crown teeth are bad.

synchro crown     Nice sharp teeth all around as pressed off of gear. this is what we call a syncro crown used on all 5 gears there are non-moly type, 105-115 Moly type and 116-119 Moly type.
We have them in stock ready to ship. $80.00 each

Alfa Romeo input shaft
 input shaft alfa worn input shaft
Example of a worn out main shaft ball end and the receiving drive shaft snout bushing. This is an extreme case, but a slightly worn set cause problems. This joint is responsible for keeping the driveshaft spinning in a line, not an elliptical pattern. This important centering joint is often overlooked reason for shuttering on take off in 1st gear and shifter shake on the freeway. Ball end of the trans. main shaft should have a thin polished line, if that gets wider on one side, it needs to be fixed. Inside of the receiving bushing should be checked also.