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Alfa Parts Exchange (also known as APE) has been in business, selling used Alfa Romeo parts since 1985. . In April 2001, we moved our business to some place south of Sacramento, CA with Air conditioning, so please note our new phone number.

We provide our customers with what they want at a reasonable price. We stock parts from the smallest items to the largest. All parts are guaranteed. We can ship most parts to almost any city, worldwide.

On this site, we provide you with a chance to look at some of the typical stock that we have on hand. Click on Alfa Romeo  to see pictures of selected project cars and parts that are available.

To check for the availability of the parts you need, call us at (209) 747-4970 (sorry, e-mail is not currently available). Please be sure to specify the year and model of your car when contacting us. Thanks for visiting our web site.

For Returns (see the cheerful refund policy):

23669 N Kennefick Rd.
Acampo, CA 95220

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