Larry Jr's Projects

Larry Dickman, Jr. (co-owner of the Alfa Parts Exchange) recently modified an Alfa 164 Q engine (3.0 L, 24-valve, V6) and installed it into his '82 GTV6 Balocco. The following are pictures of some of the engine modifications that he had to do to make it fit into his GTV6.

164 Q 24-valve conversion for Larry's GTV6:

Other Projects

Example of 115 series gear lightening: picture 1, picture 2.

GTV6 brake conversion: Brembo 4-piston/12-inch rotor.

GTV6 hood modification: picture.

GTV6/Milano suspension conversion: Castor rod conversion to ball joint from rubber bushing.

Pictures of first test cast v-6 to 115 trans bell housing and test fitting.

V6-115 Bell housing Alfa transmission conversion
bell housing attatched Afa Romeo Custom transmission

first run of v6 to 115 bell housings conversion bell housing
alfa v6 to 115 bell housing

Stepnose gtv with v6 step nose GTV
Alfa Romeo gtv Larry Jr.

Future Projects

Larry's 1972 Montreal.

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Page updated on February 26, 2010.